Things You Should Know About Your Maine Coon Kitten

Cats are known for their friendly behavior, fury manes, and cute looks. It is one of the most intelligent pets known for their special behavior and different characteristics.

There are different breeds of cat in the world. However, Maine Coon is the most attractive and friendly breed that has adaptable quality, and relate with other pets. It is the largest domesticated cat breed in the world.

Basic Facts About Maine Coon Kitten

1.     Maine Coon Kitten Are Playful

Maine coon kitten loves to play with other pets and people. Playtime is a priority for Maine coon cats; so be ready for lots of fun. Interestingly, Maine coon cats are highly intelligent and can be trained to perform simple tricks on command.

2.     A Maine Coon Kitten Has A Lovely Temperament

Maine coon kittens are friendly cats that get along with people and other animals well. They enjoy moving around with people and show interest in whatever they are doing.

Besides, they will happily curl up on your lap to get your attention. When you bring your cute-looking pet home, make plans to spend time with it.

3.     They Posses A Unique Coat Pattern and Colors

Main coon kittens have different colors and patterns in the coat. The furs have longer and mixed colors compared to other breeds. The silky skin grows quickly. Maine coon cat is one of the most stylish cats that have long silky fur.

 4.     A Maine Coon Kitten Loves Water

Maine coon kitten loves to play with water. This may be related to its water-resistant fur. They are strong swimmers. They are more cooperative at bath time than other breeds.

Similarly, Maine coon cats develop traits that help them survive harsh winter. Water-resistant fur and the snowshoe-like paws keep them warm on the snow and ice. They can wrap their long tail around the body for extra warm temperatures.

 5.     Maine Coon Kitten Likes Singing

Maine coon cats communicate with a unique chirping sound. There is no break in communication. They are ready to vocalize to get the attention of the owner. There is no shyness when it comes to drawing your attention.

 6.     A Maine Coon Kitten can be Lead-Trained

How amazing it is to walk a cat with a lead? Maine Coon cats have characteristics that set them apart from other cats. They can be lead-trained. The high intelligence of Maine coons aids them to enjoy exploring the outdoors with their owners. You can easily control and move around with your furry friend at ease.

 7.     Maine Coon Kitten Have Interesting Origin

Maine coon cat is the oldest cat breed native to America, particularly, the state of Maine. It’s possible that the breed originated when the European sailors arrive in America with long-haired cats.  The long-haired cats breed with the native short-haired cats that produce Maine Coon breed.

 8.     Maine Coon Kitten Are Gentle Giant

Maine coon cats are huge cats with muscular builds. Maine coons are commonly referred to as gentle giants due to their massive and sociable nature. It is one of the largest domesticated cat breeds that scale around 4-8kg (9-18lbs). The thick and silky fur makes it look healthy and big.


Maine coon kitten is a highly intelligent breed of cat that is domesticated most in the world. This cute-looking pet is friendly with people and other pets. It loves playing with other pets and the owner. Maine coon kitten can be trained to perform simple tricks. Having Maine Coon kitten in your house brings happiness to your home.

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