Scabies in cats is caused by a mite and infection occurs after direct contact with an infected animal, often a symptomless carrier. Outside the body, the parasites are only viable for a few hours to a few days. The cycle of scabies lasts two to three weeks, so any infection in kittens can only be observed after that age. Scabies is accompanied by skin abnormalities. These mainly start around the head and then spread over the rest of the body. The severe itching and the many crabs lead to damage, scabs, and baldness. The diagnosis can be made by the veterinarian by microscopic examination of a skin scratch. For effective control, the cat should be washed with a scabicide once every five days for at least one month. Newer spot-on preparations are also effective against mange mites. If the cat has had direct contact with other animals, they should also be treated. Baskets and additional berths should also be cleaned thoroughly.

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