Pets can suffer from different types of tapeworms. This worm is transmitted by fleas. The infection is not harmful to the cat. An infection with tapeworm can be recognized by the ‘maggots’ or ‘grains of rice’ around the anus of the cat, in the stool, or on the roost of the cat. These are the ripe pieces of rice that detach from the tail of the tapeworm and leave the cat’s body like a bag of eggs. The control of a tapeworm infection is twofold: deworming and, at the same time flea control, because fleas transmit the eggs.

Combinations are available on the market that controls both roundworm and tapeworm. We usually use Milbemax or Flubenol deworming tablets for our adult group. Drontal tablets also have a good effect, but due to their size, they are often more challenging to administer.

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