How playful is a Maine Coon?

Many people wonder if a Maine Coon cat is playful. In this blog, we will tell you more about his or her character and what you should and should not do.

What do we know about the character of a Maine Coon

The Maine Coon breed is a friendly, kind, quiet, affectionate, and cozy cat to have in the house. They are very playful and very smart. Some gentle giants will even bring items to you on command.

Because of their peaceful character, they will not easily fight or use their nails. The Maine Coon is often a little shy and usually shy with strange people and also in unfamiliar situations. The male Maine Coon cat takes action faster than the female Maine Coon. Because Maine Coons have a large build, the ”Meow sound” is often a surprise, because Maine Coons can meow very sweet and gentle. Another characteristic of the Maine Coon is that it listens very well. The cat listens quickly to his name and does what you say.

Below is a video that tells you more about its behavior:

Distinctive character traits

A Maine Coon loves lying on or in empty cardboard boxes. A Maine Coon also finds glittering objects fascinating, and a Maine Coon will play and drag with them very quickly.

What is also very remarkable is that a Maine Coon loves water very much, unlike other cats. A Maine Coon is so curious that he or she comes to the water tap or even sits in the sink when the tap is on. With every water supply, it is the same, either he lies down in it, or he pulls it over, or he hits the water with his paw. There doesn’t seem to be a solution to unlearn it either, because punishment with water will probably be fun.

A Maine Coon also shows that he loves his cat owners because a Maine Coon often comes to give small kisses to his owner. Also, many Maine Coons come to wake their owner up in the morning, by loudly meowing in front of the bedroom door, or even jumping on the bed. The Maine Coon knows precisely where his owner is and wants him back with him as soon as possible.

What also stands out is that Maine Coons love watching TV. Some Maine Coons even have their favorite TV shows. Some Maine Coons try to catch a bird that they see flying by and then start looking for it behind the TV when the bird has flown out of the picture. Other Maine Coons mainly watch other domestic cats.

Number of crazy play showers per day

Most Maine Coons go crazy a few times a day. Then they race through the room or chase each other at full speed through a cat flap. When they sit still for a moment, and you take a few steps in their direction, they run away quickly. Although they usually are quite cautious, there is now a good chance that something will break, especially if you have several cats running after each other. Luckily it is usually only for a short period, and they are tired after just a few minutes. 

As mentioned above, Maine Coons are curious cats. They follow their owners as often as possible. It is nice that the cats trust you so much that they are chasing you, but on the other hand, it is difficult because you have to watch out if you don’t trip over the cats. It can also be tricky when you are busy with the computer, because then all of a sudden, the cat lies down over your arms, so you can’t type and/or control the mouse. What may be even more difficult and will often happen is that you read a magazine or book that you have put on your legs or a table. Maine Coons will lie exactly on that magazine or book what you are reading because they want to be with you. 

Deviant behavior

Fortunately, Maine Coons, in particular, can adapt exceptionally well to different environments. Because they can change so well, they can resist mental trauma. In practice, this means that Maine Coons do not rage if they are kept in an unnatural situation. But on the other hand, they don’t easily change their natural behavior either. If you are going to house Maine Coons alone, Maine Coons will be isolated because they cannot cope with other species. This can cause stress with a Maine Coon. The cat will become a bit scared and will blow faster, but in general, cats rarely show abnormal behavior.

Problem behavior in the cat is always a form of normal behavior that they perform naturally. Still, the problem is that the owner quickly thinks that this is a problem behavior while it is healthy for the cat. These forms of normal behavior can turn into abnormal behavior if it is repeated too much. Scratching furniture is an example of this.

Even when cats wash themselves a lot in a row, that is an excellent example of abnormal behavior. Because of this, cats can get bald spots faster. Permanent stress (permanent) can cause insanity, abnormal eating behavior, or aggression.

Various studies have shown that problem behavior is more common in cats that are only kept in the house than in cats that can go outside. With the Maine Coon, this is fortunately quite rare, because a Maine Coon has a relaxed character of its own.

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