Some cats can regulate their food intake without becoming too heavy. These are usually cats that have enough exercise, which means that they come outdoors. They eat small amounts of food throughout the day for this purpose. This means that food can be available all day long.

This concerns dry chunks, as canned food spoils quickly. If one wants to give tinned food, it can be provided in small portions, for example, in the morning and evening. The quantity should preferably be eaten at once.

Cats that are mainly indoors and have little exercise are at risk of becoming greasy. Cats that are too fat will suffer from their condition and become duller. Also, they can develop all sorts of health problems and can no longer wash and care for themselves properly. Small tangles can develop on the back and hindquarters, which need to be combed out carefully. If this is the case, often after castration, which changes the metabolism and requires less energy, they should be fed a limited amount. This means that food is made available and given inappropriate quantities throughout the day. Preferably more often than twice a day.

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