The body of the cat is specially built to move quickly and is equipped to hunt prey. They are born hunters. The skeleton provides excellent flexibility. They can travel short distances fast, climb, and jump well. Their stamina is more limited than that of the dog, but on the other hand, their agility is many times greater.

The flexible spine, with one thoracic and two lumbar vertebrae more than humans, gives them a suppleness, which is very useful for hunting. The rudimentary (underdeveloped) collarbone is a narrow rod only 2 cm long and does not form a connection between the shoulder girdle and chest. This allows the cat to jump from great heights. They can also walk well over narrow fences because the forelegs can be placed close to each other.

A Maine Coon is only fully grown between his 3rd and 5th year of life. This is in contrast to other cat breeds that are fully grown in one year. A cat weighs between 4 and 6 kilos. A male cat weighs between 5 and 9 kilos. Stewart Gilligan (RIP) is the holder of the Guinness record ‘longest cat’.

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