A dental neckline lesion can be recognized by a piece of bloody tissue just above the tooth mucosa. The mucous membrane protrudes into this cavity. Sometimes you can see a hole in the tooth or molar. Neck lesions weaken the tooth. The lesion can reach or even enter the nerve cavity. This causes intense pain, similar to tooth pain in humans. The cat often refuses to eat. The cat eats with a crooked head to spare the painful side. The tooth or molar can crumble and even break down.

Sometimes a FORL has already started under the mucous membrane and can only be seen with an X-ray. The clinical symptoms are:

  • Stinking out of the mouth
  • Excessive salivation
  • Slimming
  • Don’t want to eat
  • Eating with a crooked head
  • Do not want to drink cold liquids
  • Suddenly stop eating or drinking
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