Struvite formation can be treated well with special diet food. Dietary food causes the urinary pH to drop to around six and the undersaturation of struvite components. This promotes the dissolution of struvite stones and reduces the chance of recurrence.

Attention is paid to such a diet:

Acidifying effect on urine: struvite crystals cannot precipitate in acid urine and dissolve the crystals present.

Reduced magnesium content: Magnesium is one of the raw materials of struvite. Various studies have shown that high magnesium content in the diet increases the risk of struvite stones forming, while reduced magnesium content reduces this risk.

Adjusted levels of calcium and phosphorus: Calcium excretion may be higher in acid urine.

Slightly increased sodium content: Adding extra sodium chloride (‘salt’) to the diet will increase the animal’s absorption of moisture. However, the sodium content of the food should not be too high, as this can cause the animal to feel excessively thirsty, causing it to concentrate its urine.

Easily digestible: Easily digestible food gives fewer feces, so less fluid is excreted with the feces, and more fluid leaves the body with the urine. This increases urine volume.

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