Toxic Plants

Many animals intuitively know what is and what isn’t good for them. Horses, for example, are known to pick out specific vegetation to eat in case of illness. Unfortunately, some animals that have lived indoors for generations lose this instinct. For purebred cats, there is a danger in this. Eating grass is not unhealthy for cats. It allows any licked hairs to come out through hairballs.

If cats feel nauseous, they will look for grasses to stimulate vomiting. That is why it is even advisable for cats to put pollen of grass on which they can indulge their natural gnawing needs. If the cat is going to vomit a lot of grass because it is too sharp, an herb garden can also be laid out for him or her. Think of catnip, sage, thyme, or parsley. Every cat can have a preference. However, other plants can be eaten just as lusty, and that is the beginning of a problem.

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