Ear mite

The ear mite, or ear scabies, is a small mite in the cat’s ear canal and causes ear infections with reddish-brown to black earwax formation (grainy as garden soil) and severe itching problems. Often the infected animal scratches the skin around the ears and neck, causing an infection. The veterinarian can quickly diagnose an ear mite infection by looking inside the cat’s ear. The infection can be fought with salve, an injection, or a spot-on preparation. All animals present in the house must be checked and treated regularly. Otherwise, they will continue to transmit the infection to each other.

Young kittens are susceptible and can easily become infected with ear mites. Infection at a young age sometimes results in an overproduction of earwax during the rest of the cat’s life. Therefore, kittens should be closely monitored and, if necessary, adequately treated.

Also, against mites, there are flea preparations that provide preventive protection.

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