Tips And Tricks To Safely Groom Your Kitten

The Maine Coon kitten, which is mostly referred to as the “Gentle Giants” are a unique breed of cats that are considered to be one of the most lovely and beautiful cats around the world.

So, to keep your Maine Coon kitten always cute and lovely, grooming her frequently is a new-found task you should pick up with glee.

However, grooming your Main Coon kitten isn’t something you can just jump into. With this, here are some helpful tips and tricks to help you groom your Maine Coon kitten safely.

Why should you groom this beautiful furry friend of yours always? Well, doing this is very important since the Maine Coon kitten fur is quick to tangle. More so, her beautiful outlook is likely to be ruined if her fur is not well-groomed. 

Helpful Tips and Tricks To Safely Groom Your Maine Coon Kitten?

In case you think grooming your Maine Coon friend is something you may not be good at, it’s best that you leave the task to a professional to do. Well, grooming may not be your favorite chore, but with the right approach and tricks, you can groom your Maine Coon friend with little or no hassles. Here are some simple tips and tricks to guide you into the process.

Start When She’s Still Very Young

This is the first and probably the most important part about safely grooming your Maine Coon kitten. In most cases, it is best to initiate this routine when your furry friend is still very young and tender. Doing this will get your furry companion used to the routine without giving you a tough time whenever you call out to her, hey “her name,” it is time for grooming.”

Use A Soft Bristle Brush

Another useful tip you should consider when grooming your Maine Coon kitten is ensuring that your grooming brush is super soft and bristle. Well, you may not know this; the fur on your cat’s body is like a jewel to her. So, while trying to groom to her, you should do that using a very soft brush that won’t send a wrong message to her about your good deed and intention. More so, a soft brush ensures that you don’t damage her beautiful fur.

Consider Her Mood

Maine Coon kitten is known to be a very active cat breed. So, while trying to groom your furry Maine Coon friend, ensure that you observe when she’s a bit sober and calm. Waiting for this time will give you the opportunity to have her follow your orders with no resistance.

Give Treat If Necessary

Sometime, you may notice that your furry friend is not willing to stand still for the grooming process to go on smoothly. In such cases, you may have to entice her with some treatments that can get her attention while you do your job.

Seek A Professional Help

Yes, to be very honest with you, grooming your Maine Coon companion may not turn out an easy one, as described here. Why? In some cases, your Maine Coon kitten may just run away from the grooming area to somewhere you’ll have to chase her too, and then continue the grooming process. Going through all these and many other challenges that may creep in along the line can be overwhelming. With this, you may have to seek professional help where you’ll have your furry friend taken to the saloon for proper grooming.

Take Away

One way to keep your Maine Coon kitten always beautiful and clean is by grooming her fur regularly.

Doing this can turn out a hectic chore, especially when you are yet to know what steps to take.

Starting the routine when she’s still young, using a soft bristle brush, and even observing her mood to know when she is calm can be some easy tips and tricks to groom your feline friend safely.

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