Cats can see with both eyes in a relatively large area, which is useful for hunting. Even 130 degrees, with each eye. With left and right together 285 degrees. A human can do this about 110 degrees and a horse 65 degrees. (That’s why it can be so dangerous to walk behind a horse. He does not see you). Because the pupils can open wide, a cat can see much more at night than a human.

The eyes of a cat are mainly designed to detect prey accurately. They are more specialized in movement and see during dark conditions of the darkness. To be able to see well at dawn, the back of the eye is covered with a reflective layer (tapetum lucidum). We see this when a cat’s eyes light up in the dark. Seeing colors and details are less important and, therefore, less developed. The predominant colors cats see are green and blue.

The pupils of a cat can vary from very narrow slits to large black round spheres. Pupils become narrower in bright light and more significant at nightfall. When excited and anxious, the pupils are also more comprehensive.

Each eye of the cat is protected by a third eyelid (clipping membrane).

The cats eye
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