The Best Brush for your Maine Coon

Shedding & Brushing

If your cat has excessive shedding or hates brushing, you should consider using a specialist de-shedding tool to groom your cat. The Furminator is a high-quality disinfectant designed to shave the hair off your cat’s undercoat painlessly. It has a quick-release button, so you don’t have to remove hair from the deshedder with your fingers, and it has a comfortable grip that makes quick grooming sessions a breeze.

Specialized Groomer

Keep in mind that the Furminator is essentially a pair of scissors. You want to buy one that’s made for your cat’s hair (long or short), and you want to make sure you don’t use it too much. Otherwise, your cat may get a bald spot (it won’t hurt the cat, don’t worry). Using a specialist product to pull painless hair out of your cat’s undercoat may sound a little weird, but it’s better than having your cat eat and shed hair every day.

Furminator for Cats









  • Easy to use
  • Solid construction
  • Simple to keep clean
  • Does an incredible job at removing hair
  • Lifetime warranty will replace it if it ever breaks


  • Higher price point than other shedding tools
  • Makes a bit of a mess when using indoors
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