The Best 5 Ways To Keep Your Maine Coon Out Of Boredom

Maine Coon cats are naturally known to be a very beautiful lovely, and cute breed of cats. The Gentle giants, as they are fondly called, are also known to be a breed of cats that are full of energy and extremely playful. It’s crucial that your Maine Coon friend doesn’t get sad out of boredom.

Exactly as you will rightly guess, a breed of cat that is full of energy and playful. Just like the Maine Coon breed will detest an idle moment with so much passion. In fact, such idle moments may lead to some health issues to your Maine Coon furry friend.

Well, in case you’ve been thinking of what to do to keep your lovely Maine Coon breed active and happy all day. Here are the best things you can do to keep your Maine Coon breed busy all day.

Get A Fish Tank

Cats love fish bowls!

Having a secured aquarium with some fingerlings swimming around aimlessly can turn out a good spot of adventure for your Maine Coon breed.

Maine Coon cats are known to love the sight of fishes swimming in a fish tank. They can virtually sit quietly watching as the fishes move from one end of the tank to the other.

Get Her A Scratching Post

A scratching post is a must-have!

Being an energetic and very active breed of cat. The Maine Coon cats, just like another breed of cats love scratching various surfaces, and this they can do for hours without worrying about what is going on around them.

With a scratching post, you must have provided your Maine Coon with a great spot to flex and work her muscles with glee all day.

Adopt Another Maine Coon Cat

Two Maine Coon Kittens

Another exhilarating way to keep your Maine Coon breed ever-happy is adopting another Maine Coon breed of possibly the same litter.

Having a sibling of your lovely Maine Coon around is a sure way to keep them happy and playing together for hours without a thought of what boredom may feel like.

More so, the two Maine Coon cats will definitely turn out to be the best of a friend. They will easily blend with each other compared to having different breeds under the same roof.

Get Her Chasing A Laser Pointer

Maine Coons can’t get enough of laser pens!

This is more of a game you will play with your furry friend. To help your furry friend escape the fiery feeling of boredom. You can get her chasing a little red dot from a laser pointer.

In order to get your Maine Coon always enjoying the game. Stop the laser point after some time so that she can actually feel a sense of catching the red dot.

Maine Coon Climbing Wall

If a Maine Coon can climb they are often very happy!

Although my last, a climbing wall is never the least way when it comes to engaging your Maine Coon breed and keeping are playing all day.

With a straightforward climbing wall that consists of several shelves and layers arranged in an overlapping pattern. Your Maine Coon breed can find a whole world of adventure and fun climbing up and down the wall.

Wrap Up

Maine Coon are very energetic and lovely breed of cats. With an eye for long hours of play and adventure since they are prone to getting bored easily.

As a loving Maine Coon owner, you can give your furry friend the whole pleasure she desires and deserves by providing the various fun and entertainment features outline above for your feline friend.

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