Maine Coons going into space!

Star Trek Discovery has unveiled its newest casting member: a furry Maine Coon cat named Grudge, who will be playing David Ajala’s (Book’s) best friend.

Real Name

Grudge, whose real name is Leeu, was revealed through an introductory video from Star Trek Discovery on Twitter. He will play the best buddy of the upcoming third season, performed by David Ajala.


A casting round was made for a big cat, according to the video, and Leeu fitted in the account. “So far, he’s been a one-on-one miracle,” says Star Trek Discovery Crewmember Leslie Lorenz. “Everyone says their cat can be a perfect cat, but it takes a particular animal to stay cool and calm and collect because when the cats are ready, they’re ready.”


Leeu is two years old and enormous in size, with a length of 25 inches, 40 inches with the tail, and a weight of 18 pounds. He even has his own Twitter account, @Grudge_Cat, with just over 1,400 followers.

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